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A selection of my top award winning scripts.
If Wings Should Fail
Drama/96 pages


Two best friends, struggling to leave their dismal home lives, cross paths with a former broadway star. As the trio gets closer lines become blurred, lust and passion take over, and not everyone will come out alive.



Honorable Mention in Love Unlimited Fest


Finalist in Writemovies Contest

Occupying Williamsburg

Comedy/102 pages


A screw ball comedy about two very different twin brothers who inherit an apartment in Williamsburg. When they both fall for the same girl , it'll take the whole complex to fix this family war!



Semi-Finalist in 2014 Laugh or Die Comedy Festival




Rebecca's family just moved into a old house, in a old town, with old secrets. She'll soon learn the things that go bump in the night also bite.



Finalist in International Horror and Scifi Screenplay competition

Life's a Beach

Comedy/Romance/97 pages


Newly pinned Sherry finds out her beau Bobby is going on a boys beach vacation to see his womanizing best friend James. She decides to tag along with her best friend only to discover a very swinging party pad and James' vixen sister. Can Sherry and Bobby's relationship survive this summer vacation or will their hearts swing a different way. A throwback to 50's and 60's beach movies, Life's a Beach in this Comedy.

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